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Steven’s handy desktop Linux guide


With so many desktop Linux distributions, unless you’re an expert it’s hard to know what’s what. Since I’ve been using desktop Linux almost since day one, and I’ve used every major distribution out there and many of the minor ones. I think I qualify as a desktop Linux expert, so here’s my quick and dirty guide on picking out the right desktop Linux.

You’re sick of Windows, but you don’t want to spend a lot of time learning Linux. If that’s you, get a pre-installed Ubuntu Linux PC. Ubuntu is easy to use, and you can get ready-to-go laptops from Dell and System 76 among other companies.

You no longer want Windows, or you’re not interested in ‘upgrading’ to Windows 7, on your business PCs, but your office is using a Windows-based server infrastructure. If that’s you, you’re in luck. While some people really dislike Novell for partnering with Microsoft, if you want a Linux desktop that will work hand-in-glove with Microsoft servers and AD (Active Directory), Novell’s SLED (SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop) 11, is for you.

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