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Security is a process


I often point out that Windows is insecure. It’s so insecure, in fact, that I, in all seriousness, propose that ISPs (Internet Service Providers) should start forcing users to secure Windows-since neither users or Microsoft will do the job, Windows PCs should be banned from the Internet. That said, nothing, and I mean nothing is really secure.

People keep having this delusion that security is a product. That, if you just buy some magic box, you’ll have a program or an operating system that’s as secure as Fort Knox. Or, if they just use a Linux desktop or a Mac, they’ll be safe. I wish!

It doesn’t work that way. Security is a process, it’s not a product. Some systems are more secure than others. Linux, as anyone who pays any attention to security news knows, is a lot more secure than Windows. If we were talking cars, Linux would be an Audi A4, the Mac, BMW 330 and Windows would be a mid-70s Ford “Hit here to blow up” Pinto.

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