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Canonical to offer Ubuntu desktop support


Do you want to save desktop support money? Do you have Windows and Mac-using friends or co-workers who want to try desktop Linux? Well, in either case, you’re going to want to check out Canonical, Ubuntu Linux’s parent company, latest desktop support offerings: Starter, Advanced and Professional.

Canonical will be announcing these new support services for the Ubuntu desktop for individuals and small businesses tomorrow, July 31st, in London. These services are particularly designed for small business owners who are looking for cost effective alternatives to Windows and Apple Mac.

You may not have know it, but Canonical has long been in the Linux support business. With this new offering, though, Canonical is making a special effort to reach individual users and SMBs (small-to-medium businesses) users.

Steve George, director of Canonical’s Corporate Services division, said, “Canonical’s Desktop Support Services provides an easy, inexpensive way to get Ubuntu up and running in the home, home office and small business – reaching the vast majority of computer users. With our team supporting them, Ubuntu is ideal for people who just want their computer to work, where the goal is to get up and running with no fuss, focusing on the things they want to accomplish.” George added, “So, if you have an old computer, or you’re just stuck with Vista, you can install Ubuntu and experience peace.”

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