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Netbook 2009: The Four Big Changes


When I recently wrote about Windows 7 Starter Edition on netbooks, I quickly heard from many misinformed readers about what Microsoft will, or won’t, be doing on netbooks. To get everyone on the same page, here’s the big four changes we can expect to see in netbooks this year.

1) First, really and truly guys, if Microsoft has its way, we’re going to see Windows 7 Starter Edition on netbooks in North America and Western Europe. You don’t have to believe me, read what Windows General Manager Mike Ybarra had to say in February, “Windows Starter edition will now be available worldwide. This edition is available only in the OEM channel on new PCs limited to specific types of hardware.” He’s talking about netbooks.

There will be a version, however, of Windows 7 that won’t be offered in first world countries. It’s Windows 7 Home Basic, not Starter Edition.

Now whether or not netbook manufacturers are going to want to offer Windows 7 Starter Edition is another question entirely. Acer and Intel both have real doubts about Microsoft’s netbook plans

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