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Why Linux will crush Windows 7


‘ve been toying with Windows 7 for a few days now. I’m not ready yet to talk about it in detail yet, but I can say that it’s better than Vista SP1. Of course, saying 7 is better than Vista isn’t saying much. However, I recently read a Network World column, which claims that Windows 7 will crush Linux. Yeah, and the Detroit Lions are going to win the Super Bowl this year.

Desktop Linux is moving forward. All the major computer vendors are now selling at least one PC, laptop or netbook with Linux. Many, if not most, PCs and netbooks will have SplashTop Linux soldiered right on their motherboard in 2009. Netbooks, the new hot computer model, often have Linux running on them. And, oh yeah, some company named Google seems to be making some interesting moves with Android Linux on netbooks. Oh, and have I mentioned that Windows’ market share has actually dropped below 90% of the desktop market.

Windows 7 also isn’t going to make friends with today’s XP users. True, lots of people seem to really like Windows 7 at this early stage. I think what we’re really seeing though is just Windows users who are thrilled that 7 hasn’t proved to be a total waste of bytes the way Vista was.

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