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Why I voted for Obama


I have strong political opinions, but I don’t talk about them much. I don’t pretend to know much about politics. Technology yes; business, yes; politics no.

I do know, however, that the country can’t afford another four years of government that resembles in the slightest what we’ve been subjected to for the last eight years.

Mea culpa. I voted for Bush. Twice. My excuse is that I really disliked the Democratic alternatives.

But now, after years of good men and women dying for no good reason in Iraq; after an economy that’s had been run into the ground by a pro-business administration that seems to have no clue about how to actually run businesses; and a government that runs over and around Constitutional liberties whenever it suits it, I’ve had enough.

In 2000, I supported McCain. In 2008, McCain has passed his ‘elect-by’ date. He simply seems to have lost his edge. He’s no maverick. He’s just another guy going along with Bush. This country can’t afford that.

As for Sarah Palin, what can I say. Personally, I like Sarah. But, as a potential president for the United States? I, a truly frightening thought, would make a better president. She simply doesn’t have the wits or the experience for the job.

As for Obama. I know I like him. But, I distrust likable politicians. Clinton and Kennedy were likable, Both were mediocre, at best, presidents.

On the other hand, Obama is bright and he’s not going to follow in George W. Bush’s footsteps. I think, I hope, he has the right stuff to be a good, perhaps even a great president.

Obama also doesn’t have much of a track-record. Still, he’s appears to me to be the best candidate, who’s made it to the national election level, in decades. I hope he lives up to his promise. We’re going to need a great president. I just wish I had more than hope to rely on, but hope, in 2008, is all I really have to go on.


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