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Lenovo blows the Linux desktop off

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I’m ticked off. Lenovo, after years of dancing around the question of would they or wouldn’t they, offer a ThinkPad with pre-installed Linux finally offered one, and, less than a year later, Lenovo has decided to take its Linux-powered ThinkPads off the retail market.

What the heck is this?

I like ThinkPads. I like them a lot. They are other good laptops, and I wouldn’t turn down a MacBook Air, but when it comes right down to it, I’ll pay the extra money to get a ThinkPad. They’re little tanks in laptop-form.

There was only one thing they lacked from where I sat: pre-installed Linux. Then, finally, in January of this year, Lenovo finally made good their promises of desktop Linux support and shipped the ThinkPad T61 and R61 notebooks with Novell SLED (SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop).

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One Comment

  1. Can you send of that anger towards Dell/Ubuntu?
    They had a year to get the customization done so that cant be the reason of the delay for the Mini 9.
    You can buy the XP model on the US site but there is a pre-order button for the Linux version or “Mini-OS” as Dell calls it (they also offer you an ‘upgrade’ to XP). In Canada, France, UK, Germany and other countries, there is no mention of Ubuntu (and sale support answers vary between ‘in a few months’ to ‘we’ve have no idea’) anywhere.

    Dell missed the back to school period, had Acer cut their prices right before the Mini 9 launch and now Ubuntu is missing in action.

    The Netbook Remix is splendid and I could just wipe an XP install it and do it myself but that’s not the point.

    Linux netbooks are facing an uphill battle in the retail market between chains not offering the Linux versions (Staples in our city had the Acer One Linux twice, bashed it to their customers, sold out all their stock twice in less than 3 days and since then have only carried the XP) and unprepared sales staff pushing clients to the XP machine (did I mention that the Staples, Futureshop, Bestbuy’s all sell plans from 75 to 160$ to protect your Windows computer which usually consists of installing 1-3 software?)

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