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DirecTV and TiVo kiss and make up

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Three years after DirecTV dumped its partnership with TiVo, the companies announced that they would be working together again.

Specifically, TiVo will be making a new HD DVR for DirecTV with Internet support. This is due to appear in the second half of 2009.

I can’t wait. I was really unhappy when I was finally forced to retire my HD10-250 HD DVR both because it was growing a little flaky with age and DirecTV’s switch-over of its HD signals from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4. I currently use both a DirecTV HR-20 and HR-21 for HD DVRs and I’m ah… unhappy with both of them.

The on-screen controls are clunky, the remote is annoying, and the Internet interoperability is more inoperative than interoperable. In stark comparison, the TiVo models I’ve owned worked extremely well and were a pleasure to use.

I, at least, kept subscribing to DirecTV after they stopped selling TiVo DVRs. Some users actually dumped DirecTV because of its lack of TiVo support. Now, perhaps some of these people, will come back to DirecTV.

I’m also happy to report that this new partnership is schedule to go through February 2015, with DirecTV having the option to extend it until February 2018. In short, we’ll be able to count on having TiVos for our DirecTV account for years to come.

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