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Dell’s Ubuntu-powered mini-laptop arrives tomorrow


Sources tell me, OK friends actually, that tomorrow, September 4th, is the long-awaited day that Dell will announce the release of its Inspiron 910 mini-laptop. It will come with your choice of (Boo!) Windows XP Home SP3 or (Yea!) Ubuntu 8.04.

Before any Windows business users rush out to spend their hard-earned money on this spiffy little computer, they should keep in mind that Ubuntu Linux is actually friendlier with Windows-based business networks than XP Home, which can only do security-less, peer-to-peer networking. So, if you want to be a business road-warrior the Inspiron 910, chances are you’ll actually want to use Ubuntu.

The Dell Inspiron 910 will use the Intel Atom 270 Diamondville CPU. This chip is already being used in other mini-computers such as the MSI Wind and the Acer Aspire. Dell’s CPU will be using the same 1.6GHz model. While I haven’t gotten my hands on Dell’s 910 yet, I have played around with both the Wind and the Aspire. Ubuntu will find it more than fast enough for their purposes.

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