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Did Microsoft Do the Right Kind of Reorganization?


Microsoft made quite a few changes, but did it make big enough changes to make a difference?

There are reorganizations, and then are Reorganizations. Microsoft just had one of the latter kinds.

While I don’t follow Microsoft as closely as I do Linux and its companies, I do keep an eye on the Evil Empire and, frankly, and this was quite a shake-up.

Some of these changes didn’t come as any surprise. The only thing that surprised me about the departure of Peter Knook, the senior VP of Microsoft’s Mobile Communications Business group, wasn’t that he left; it was that it took that long for him and Microsoft to part ways. Knook wasn’t well regarded outside of Microsoft in the mobile community.

However, the timing, the same week that Microsoft’s launched yet another mobile initiative, is really awful. You’d almost think he’s had something against Microsoft. Or, maybe it was just that new projects like, oh please, MSN Direct for Mobile, drove him up the wall and out of the company.

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