Bigger, better 64-bit Chrome Web browser now available for Windows

Like clockwork, Google has delivered its latest version of its Chrome Web browser for Linux, Mac, and Windows users, but it’s the 64-bit Windows users who will get the most from this latest upgrade: Chrome 37.

Will Harris, a Google Software Engineer, blogged, “64-bit Chrome offers many benefits for speed, stability and security.” While 64-bit […]

Six Clicks: The best Chromebooks for school

Chromebooks have proven to be wildly popular in schools. More than a million Chromebooks were sold to schools this spring alone.

For schools, Chromebook math is easy. In Google’s Chromebooks for Education program, each device can cost as little as $279 and they’re easy to manage from a centralized console. For school districts the real […]

Six Clicks: The most useful Chrome extensions

As far as I’m concerned, Google Chrome Web browser is the best browser around. It’s faster than the others and it comes with a great collection of free extensions that makes it even more useful.

Chrome, as Chromebooks prove, can be used as a universal interface for almost anything you need to do with a […]

Google fixes Android’s Fake ID security hole

Bluebox Security, a mobile security company, has found a serious Android security hole that dates all the way back to Android 2.1. This hole, Fake ID, can be used by malware to impersonate trusted applications without any user notification.

Can you say bad news? I knew you could.

By enabling malware to act like already […]

Chromebook gains, Microsoft worries

Some people still pooh-pooh the idea that Chromebooks could ever come close to challenging Windows PCs. NPD’s latest laptop sales numbers say otherwise. Chromebook sales are zooming upward, while Windows laptop sales are stagnant.

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