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Let’s pull back on virtual meetings, shall we?

On Tuesday, a week ago, I had three Zoom meetings, two Google Meets, and a Microsoft Teams get-together. With six hours of my day tied up in “meetings,” I didn’t get one bit of real work done.


Back before I worked from home, I often had days like this. They were bad days. But once I stopped working in an office, I became largely free of meeting days from hell. Then COVID-19 came along; everyone’s office suddenly became their kitchen, den, living room, or anywhere else they could work from a desk—and videoconferencing apps became all the rage.

Remember when you couldn’t buy a webcam for love or money?

At first, it was kind of fun. After being stuck at home for a few months, I liked seeing people. I actually did purely social meetings.

Two years later, and it’s another story. As a system administrator on the Reddit Sysadmin forum said, “Virtual meetings are the new norm, and I’m seriously getting tired of loads of meetings in my calendar, as well as endless, ‘Can I give you a quick call?’ chats that are the farthest from ‘quick’ at all.”

Let’s pull back on virtual meetings, shall we? More>

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