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EVerest: The open source software stack for EV charging infrastructure

Even if you’d never buy a Tesla, electric vehicles (EVs) are the future. There’s only one big problem. Unlike a gas-based car, where you can always find a gas station when you need to top off, there’s nothing like enough electrical charging stations. One big reason for this is that there’s no standardization to speak of behind those chargers. The Linux Foundation (LF) plans on changing this with the new LF Energy EVerest project.

It’s become an LF Energy project, Shuli Goodman, Linux Foundation Energy‘s Executive Director, explained because, “At LF Energy, we firmly believe that only open source has the speed and transformative power to change industries fast. Our mission is to decarbonize the global economy by enabling the transformation of power systems, the transition to electric mobility, and the radical efficiency of the built environment. In this regard, EVerest is the perfect addition to our ecosystem.”

EVerest: The open source software stack for EV charging infrastructure. More>

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