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The open office floor plan: rethinking an awful idea

Some friends and I were talking about the new Google building at 2000 North Shoreline Blvd. in Mountain View, Calif. Truth be told, we’re not impressed. As one person said, it looks like a sagging tent city covered in dragon scales (and not in a good way). But the real kicker? Someone else dared to hope that at least it would have real offices instead of an open office floor plan.

Alas, it won’t. And “that’s one reason why I’m never going back into the office again,” one of my friends declared. “At least at home, I have a private office where I can close the door. Those days are so long gone at ‘work.’”

Personally, I believe open offices are one of the many reasons behind the Great Resignation. Indeed, the hate generated by them is one reason so many people love the idea of working from home now.

The open office floor plan: rethinking an awful idea. More>

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