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Where DevOps is today


OK, so you get that DevOps is important. Yay you! But how broadly has DevOps been accepted? That’s a darn good question, and IDC and AppDynamics have some answers in their recent report, DevOps and the Cost of Downtime: Fortune 1000 Best Practice Metrics Quantified.

First, let’s put into perspective the problem DevOps is meant to tackle, getting development and operations into sync on the cloud. If you’re serious about the cloud, you’ve moving your business IT to it. And that’s a job that comes with a heavy price-tag for failure. How heavy? The average hourly cost of an infrastructure failure is $100,000 per hour. And, worse still, the average cost of a critical application failure per hour is $500,000 to $1 million.

So you better get DevOps right, or you may soon be looking for another CIO position… a lower-paying CIO position.

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