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ICANN offers fix for domain name collisions


I recently got a call from a friend whose business was having problems with an internal network whose web server had a URL that included .guru. One day, their staff had trouble reaching it. They’d made no changes and you could still reach the server using its IPv4 address; it was a mystery. It took me hours β€” and you still owe me guys! β€” but I finally discovered that there was a public internet website with a .guru top-level domain name that was conflicting with their private network. I gave their internal server a new Domain Name System (DNS), and all was well… after a few hours.

Lucky them, lucky me.

This kind of problem β€” when an internal server’s DNS name conflicts with one of the new Top Level Domain (TLD) names β€”is going to start happening more and more often. With over 300 new TLDs available to be used by August 2014 and 1,100 more to come, you can expect to see it a lot.

ICANN offers fix for domain name collisions. More>

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