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Wireline networking groups merge to form HomeGrid Forum


Wi-Fi is fine for ease of use and category 6 Ethernet cable is great for when you need real speed, but sometimes you just want to network a building without Wi-Fi’s perpetual security concerns and without dragging cable. For those times, you need wireline networking, which uses powerlines and other existing wired infrastructure for networking. Alas, wireline technologies have been ham-strung because of competing standards for years.

In late May, two of the major factions finally buried the hatchet to work together on technologies., which was pioneered by Marvell, promises to bring up to 1Gigabit per second speeds over your existing powerline, co-ax, and phone lines., is “any wire” technology defined by ITU-T open international standards to help with small office/home office (SOHO) networking.

Wireline networking groups merge to form HomeGrid Forum. More >

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