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OpenSUSE also considers switching from MySQL to MariaDB


MySQL may still be the “most popular open-source database” for now, but its day may be ending. Just like Fedora, which is considering switching out MySQL for the MySQL fork MariaDB, openSUSE is also considering making MariaDB its default database management system (DBMS).

Fedora’s change to MariaDB looks to be more certain than openSUSE‘s (SUSE‘s community Linux) potential move. In Fedora’s case, the shift is being suggested by Jaroslav Reznik, Red Hat’s Fedora project manager, and there seems to be no opposition.

At openSUSE, though, the move is being proposed by Michal Hrušecký, an openSUSE developer, rather than a SUSE official. His arguments for MariaDB are similar to Reznik’s. Hrušecký wrote, “Originally I was sticking to Oracle’s MySQL as a default to keep it conservative and stable, but over the years MariaDB proved to be stable and lately they were even faster in fixing some security issues.”

OpenSUSE also considers switching from MySQL to MariaDB. More >

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