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Five good Instagram replacements


Some people believe that Facebook’s Instagram recently changed terms of service policy change is nothing-less than an attempt to steal the rights to their photos.. Facebook claims they’re just clarifying their rights and that “It is not our intention to sell your photos.” Oh yeah, I believe that.

I think anything you put up on the Internet, especially a social network, can be swiped and that Facebook, in particular, has always played fast and loose with its users’ rights and privacy. After all to Facebook, you’re the product. They have to turn the information you trust them with into money some how and if they can do that by licensing your photos to third parties so be it.

Seriously, Facebook buying Instagram was one of the all-time bad tech company acquisitions. Think about it. Facebook paid a cool billion for Instagram for some filters and a small social network. If you do the math Facebook paid about $28 for each of Instagram’s 35 million users. I don’t care what Facebook says about its intentions, one way or the other Facebook must end up monetizing your images to make back its billion bucks.

So, if you’d rather not see your images bought and sold by Facebook, or legally speaking Facebook licensing your images to others without your permission, I suggest it’s time to abandon Instagram and look for a replacement.

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