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Microsoft’s DroidRage Twitter campaign goes painfully wrong


Trash-talking, whether it’s on the basketball court or on online forums, has a bad habit of blowing up when you can’t back it up. So when Microsoft decided to launch a win a free Windows Phone Twitter campaign with “Do you have an Android malware horror story?  Reply with #DroidRage with your best/worst story and we may have a get-well present for you” on Twitter and Chris DiBona, Google’s Director of Open Source, fired back, “Wanna see what Flop Sweat looks like? Follow:@windowsphone” I knew this wasn’t going to end well for Microsoft.

True, Android malware is a real problem. True, Google needs to do more about blocking malware applications from ever reaching users in the first place via the Google Play Store. But, there’s also a lot of Android malware FUD and Android now has over 75% of the smartphone marketWindows Phone 8 doesn’t even show up as noise in mobile marketshare–and, what’s far more important for a public relations campaign, a passionate fan-base . So, what do you think happened?

Thanks for a site that monitors Twitter hashtag usage and Twitter’s built-in search function, we now know from tweets like these:

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