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Landscape mode comes to Nexus 7


Some people—such as ZDNet’s own Jason Perlow—really, really hated that the popular Android-powered Nexus 7 locked its home screen into portrait mode. Well, if you’re with Jason, worry no more! A new Android update , 4.1.2, is even now coming your way that will let you set your default home display to landscape or portrait.

In other Nexus 7 news, besides the 10.1-inch Nexus 10 news, it seems that there will be a small update coming for the Nexus 7. In a discussion about this release, Queru wrote, “There’s a new revision coming indeed with a different power management chip. It’s functionally identical to the existing one, but requires a new driver and bootloader that weren’t part of 4.1.1.”

As Google usually does, the Android update is being slowly rolled out rather than be pushed to everyone all at once. Can’t stand to wait? Well, you can try going to Setting/About tablet/System updates/Check now and hope for the best. Me? I’m still clicking.

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