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Adobe Flash: I’m not dead yet!


Yes, we all hate Flash. Even Adobe’s not that crazy about Flash anymore. Too bad. There’s still no replacement for it.

HTML5 video you say? What about it? There’s nothing magical about it. 

HTML5’s video tag doesn’t define which the file format, such as MPEG4 or WebM, or video or audio codec, such as H.264 or VP8, that are permitted. The only thing HTML5 does is let Web developers set up case statements so that they can supply a choice of various combinations of containers and codecs in the hope that your device can support one of them.

In other words, HTML5 video is just a rug that covers the dirt of multiple video formats. It doesn’t replace Flash at all. In fact, you can still use Flash within it. We’re a long way from being Flash free.

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