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A la carte TV channel choice is coming to the Internet


Watching TV on the Internet is cheaper than watching it by cable or satellite, but it’s also messier. Some shows aren’t available at all. Many sporting events, like football, come with costly restrictions. And, often programs are available on one Internet TV network, but not on another. Some shows, for example, are available on Hulu on your PC, but not on Hulu Plus on your TV. However, your Internet TV choices may be improving soon.

For the first time anywhere, HBO will be offering its programming to TV watchers in Scandinavia without requiring that they subscribe to HBO on satellite or cable. In the US, HBO makes some of its programming available over the Internet on HBO GO, but you have to be a conventional HBO subscriber to get it. In Denmark,  Finland, Norway, and Sweden, HBO Nordic AB will be available for just under 10 euros a month.

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