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TiVo Premiere: Over the Air DVR and Internet Video in One


When I cut the cable there was one thing I regretted: The ability to record TV. Sure, I didn’t have cable or satellite anymore, but with over-the-air (OTA) TV I still got over a dozen channels. At the same time, I wanted a DVR that could handle Internet TV. With the TiVo Premiere you can get both for a mere $149.99 list price plus the monthly service fee.

I’ve been a fan of TiVo since it’s first days and I was pleased to see that the company recently came out with a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) that could handle a cable-cutter’s needs.

The TiVo Premiere has two tuners so it can record two shows at once. It also comes with a 500GB hard drive. That translates into up to 75 hours of HD video. There are other models–the TiVo Premiere 4 with four digital tuners and the TiVo Premiere XL4 with four digital tuners, far more storage, and THX audio—but the basic TiVo Premiere is what you want for OTA and Internet video. As you would expect with a 2012 video device, this new model TiVo can support up to 1080p video.

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