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IPv6 growth explodes


or years, decades, no one wanted to switch their Internet connection from good old IPv4 to IPv6. Oh, we knew we’d have to  move to IPv6 eventually, but we really didn’t want to. Now, though, according to Akamai, a Web high-performance company, on the last World IPv6 Day, June 6 2012, IPv6 traffic exploded by 460 times since 2011’s World IPv6 Day.

What’s more significant though, since every Internet network administrator was tinkering with IPv6 on that day, is that in the year since the 2011 IPv6 Day, Akamai saw a nine-fold increase in IPv6 traffic. And, this growth rate is only increasing. Erik Nygren is Chief Architect at Akamai, wrote, “The IPv6 preference rate for many dual-stacked sites has been steadily rising by a few percent week-over-week since World IPv6 Launch.”

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