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Don’t take my iGoogle away!


Once upon a time, the 90s, Web portals were all the rage. Everyone had to have one the same way everyone today has to have a cloud. Like most such technology fads it ran its course. That doesn’t mean, that the idea of a Web portal—a single Web page from which you could get to all your most important Web applications, information and sites—was a bad idea. Indeed, when they were well done such as with Google’s iGoogle the page can become your home page for the Internet. But, now Google wants to take our iGoogle away from us.! No!!

Google claims that “ With modern apps that run on platforms like Chrome and Android, the need for something like iGoogle has eroded over time, so we’ll be winding down iGoogle on November 1, 2013, giving you a full 16 months to adjust or easily export your iGoogle data.”

I disagree.

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