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A Linux computer for grandpa and grandma


When I think of getting a Linux desktop, I first think about installing it myself. Next, I think about buying one with Linux pre-installed from a vendor such as Dell, System76, or ZaReason. What I haven’t thought about it is buying one from an advertisement in a Sunday newspaper magazine called Parade. Maybe I should have. I recently discovered the WOW! Computer for Seniors..

The ad loudly proclaims that it’s “A Computer Designed for YOU, Not Your Grandchildren!” And, that’s it “Easy to read! Easy to set up! Easy to use!” And, if you look closely you’ll find that it runs Linux.

I’ve also known that the FUD about Linux being hard to use was myth, My 80-year old mother-in-law, who’s also an Ubuntu 12.04 user is living proof that Linux is easy to use. What I hadn’t expected to see was a vendor targeting the older boomer generation and beyond with Linux computers.

A Linux computer for grandpa and grandma. More >

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