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Google kicks Oracle in its patent teeth


I get to say I was right again. First, I told you so when I said the Facebook IPO was dead in the water and now I get to say I was right about Oracle’s Java patent claims being next to worthless in its case against Google and Android. Oracle vs. Google has been a dead lawsuit walking all along, and now as I suspected it would, the jury has ruled that Google didn’t infringe on Oracle’s patents. Game, set, and almost the match to Google.

To be exact, the U.S. District Court of Northern California jury ruled unanimously that Google did not infringe on six claims in U.S. Patent RE38,104 as two claims in U.S. Patent number 6,061,520.

Not mind you, that it would have mattered much had the jury ruled the other way. As Oracle’s own expert, Boston University professor Iain Cockburn had said earlier, even if Google were found guilty on all those counts, Oracle would had won maximum damages of $32.3-million. Oracle may have spent more than that every month keeping this case going.

After the verdict, Judge William Alsup dismissed the jurors, and said he’d be deciding on the related application programming interface (API) copyright issue next week. I find it highly unlikely that he’ll rule that APIs can be copyrighted.

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