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Finding your TV shows on the Internet


It seems to me some days like the media companies want their own Internet TV subsidiaries to fail. Take, for example, the simple task of finding the show you want. DVRs manage it, TV Guide managed it when the only way we got to watch TV was by using rabbit ears. But finding the shows you want from Hulu Plus, iTunes, or Netflix can be a major pain in the rump. Oh sure, each of them makes it easy on the Web to see what they offer, but let’s say you want to find a TV show and you don’t know which service offers your favorite show? Then what do you do? Then, my friend, you turn to an Internet TV’s watchers best friend: Clicker.

Clicker, which advertises itself as the Internet Television Guide, is invaluable for anyone who wants to watch streaming network television. Say I want to watch The Colbert Report, which I often do. All I have to do is search the site and it gives me all the online distribution networks where it’s currently showing.

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