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Apple says 100% iPad recharge “problem” is by design


o believe Apple about its iPad 3 battery problem or not to believe Apple is the question. In a story by Ina Fried at AllThingsD, Apple VP Michael Tchao explained that while the iPad–and iPhone and iPod Touch—display as 100% charged before the device is actually 100% charged, it’s because they’re constantly charging to 100 percent, and then discharging and recharging back up to 100 percent. The point, according to Apple, is to maintain the best possible charge. Dr. Raymond Soneira, president of DisplayMate, the world’s leading display and display tuning company, who found the battery problem in the first place disagrees.

While Tchao calls this “a great feature that’s always been in iOS,” Soneira doesn’t see it that way. He sees it as the Apple VP acknowledging “my point that the iPad is not 100% charged when it says so. It’s not the full admission that I would have liked, but it is actually more than I expected Apple would admit to.” In short, he sees Apple spinning how iOS mishandles its battery-powered device reporting.

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