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Batterygate: Apple’s dysfunctional iPad 3 battery charger


Dr. Raymond Soneira, president of DisplayMate, the world’s leading display and display tuning company, found while testing the iPad 3’s display, “that the batteries do not actually reach full charge when 100% is shown and need up to an extra hour before the charging is done. After further investigation, Soneira has discovered, “when the battery indicator first says 100% the battery is actually only 90% charged and you get 1.2 hours less running time.”

Apple, however, claimed to CNBC’s Jon Fortt, that “If you charge it more than [when the battery indicator reads 100%], you could actually harm the longevity of the battery.” Nonsense, replied Soneira.

Indeed, Soneira said, “Damaging the longevity of the battery is then exactly what the new iPad’s internal battery charging hardware and software are doing since it is their responsibility to properly control and manage the battery recharging process. It’s pretty obvious that if the new iPad knows that it is fully charged then it should automatically stop the charging! So according to Apple the new iPad is configured to damage the longevity of its own battery if it isn’t manually disconnected from the AC charger when the 100% indicator appears. Anyone that recharges their iPad unattended, especially overnight, will be doing this.”

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