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Apple’s new iPad display is better than most HDTVs


Some people think that Apple’s new iPad Retina Display is a game-changer. Others say that, yes it is better but its “isn’t quite like the jaw-dropping jump,” they’d been led to expect. So, which is it? h Dr, Raymond Soneira, president of DisplayMate, the world’s leading display and display tuning company, has put the next-generation iPad to the test bench and found that the “The display on the new iPad decisively beats (blows away) all of the Tablets we have previously tested.

How so? Well, for starters, the new iPad really does meet Steve Jobs’ Retina Display specification. To do that, “an iPad Retina Display only needs 240 ppi (pixel per inch) – and it has 264 ppi. So according to Apple’s own definition, [which is based on 20/20 vision] the new iPad is indeed a true ‘Retina Display.’”

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