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You can now run Arch & Debian Linux on a Raspberry Pi


Raspberry Pi, a credit-card sized computer that retails for $35, finally has some operating systems ready to run on it. A remix of Fedora Linux is still the “official” operating system for Raspberry Pi, but it’s been delayed. In the meantime, versions of Arch and Debian Linux are ready to go.

The Raspberry Pi Fedora Remix, which is based on the older Fedora 14 distribution, was designed to fit on a 2GB SD card. It will include the LXDE and XFCE, two popular lightweight Linux desktops and an assortment of popular open-source software. A version, using the more up to date Fedora 17, is also in the works.

Several problems have delayed both releases. This includes pushing audio out the HDMI and analog ports via PulseAudio and Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA). In addition, Chris Tyler, the man responsible for assembling the Raspberry Pi Remix, has been sick.

That said, there’s been no further word on the Raspberry Pi Fedora actual release for almost two weeks. On March 4th, Liam Fraser, who’s in charge of distributing the Raspberry Pi Fedora image, said he was “still waiting for an image from Chris but I do think that it is nearly ready.

This delay has understandably annoyed some Raspberry Pi fans.

You can now run Arch & Debian Linux on a Raspberry Pi. More >

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