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First IPv6 Distributed Denial of Service Internet attacks seen


The clock is running out on IPv4 on the Internet, but even so the next generation of Internet traffic protocols, IPv6, is being adopted very slowly. But, it seems IPv6 is finally making it to broad acceptance. Arbor Networks reports that the “latest milestone in IPv6 development: the first observations of IPv6 Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

This can only be happening because the number of IPv6-based end-points have grown large enough that possible injection points for IPv6-based attacks is now large enough for attackers to use it. At the same, time they’re finding targets on the IPv6-enabled Internet worthy of the effort needed to craft and execute attacks.

We could have expected this. Besides human nature, Arbor Network’s Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report had predicted IPv6 DDoS attacks. “This is a significant milestone in the arms race between attackers and defenders,” stated the report. “We believe that the scope and prevalence of IPv6 DDoS attacks will gradually increase over time as IPv6 is more widely deployed.” And, now, they’ve started.

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