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Google Chrome Web browser finally comes to Android


I love the Chrome Web browser. I like the Android operating system. Both belong to Google. So like peanut-butter and chocolate these two good things should be great right? Well, we’re finally getting a chance to find out. At long last, Google has released the beta of the Chrome Web browser for Android.

One of the great Google mysteries–well to me anyway–was why Google hadn’t released Chrome or built it into Android earlier. Instead, Android users have been stock with the generic “Browser” for ages. We still don’t know why it took so long, but it’s finally here.

While Chrome is known for its speed on PCs, Browser was known for… well being the browser built into Android and nothing else. Sure, there were other browsers available in the Android Market, Dolphin and Opera, but while both are well-regarded and Dolphin boasts of having over 10-million downloads, the vast majority of Android users have kept using Browser.

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