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Should Amazon, Google & Wikipedia “nuke” the Web to stop SOPA?


With the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), Congress, at the request of big media, is still considering trying to censor the global Internet in the name of preventing media piracy The major Internet companies, who don’t like the idea of being forced to monitor customers’ traffic and block Web sites suspected or accused of copyright infringement. They don’t want any part of being in the Big Brother business. So it is that Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and Wikipedia appear to all be considering the ‘nuclear’ option.

According to multiple sources, the nuclear option would mean many major sites would simply and simultaneously go dark. Were you to go to any of them, you’d either find a 404 error page not available message or a page explaining why the site’s currently unavailable. The most popular Internet sites would simply go dark.

This is pretty drastic, but then so is SOPA. SOPA, while a proposed American law, attempts to censor sites throughout the world. In effect, as it’s currently written, SOPA would try to impose global censorship almost as bad as the Chinese firewall.

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