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Chrome keeps winning; Internet Explorer keeps falling


Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE), according to both Web browser surveying companies, Net Applications and StatCounter, is continuing its fall like a stone, while Chrome keeps flying upward Indeed, StatCounter has Chrome 15, now Chrome 16, thanks to Chrome’s automatic update feature, being the world’s most popular single browser version.

Even by Net Applications’s account though, IE has dropped to a new all-time, modern low of 51.9%, By their numbers IE dropped over seven points last year. If its decline keeps up at this rate, IE will fall below 50% by March. By StatCounter’s statistics , which look at the global Web browser market, IE went under 40% for the first time. StatCounter has IE’s share down to 38.65%.

Roger Capriotti, Microsoft’s IE marketing head, chose to put the most positive spin on the results. Capriotti wrote in advance of Net Applications’ final numbers for the year, We’re pleased to say IE9 … will soon take the top spot from IE8 on Windows 7.” Capriotti didn’t comment on IE’s far more dismal StatCounter’s performance numbers.

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