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2011’s Five Most Important Networking Stories


At first I thought I’d write a little nothing of a story about the five most popular networking stories of 2011. Then, I looked at the list:

Five Reasons not to “Upgrade” to Windows’ Internet Explorer 9

Chrome 10: Close to a perfect Web Browser 10

Chrome 10 vs. Internet Explorer 9 Reconsidered

Internet BitTorrent Spies

Installing 32-bit IE 9 on 64-bit Windows

Eh, they’re all decent stories, but they’re also already dated. I mean, we’re already up to Chrome 16! While people are always interested in what’s the best browser-Chrome right now–let’s face it: that changes every few months. So, I asked myself: “What are the most significant networking stories of 2011,” and this, from least to most important, is what I came up with.

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