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Which Tablet has the Best Display?


We all have our own ideas on what looks good on a tablet display and what doesn’t. Unlike most of us though Dr, Raymond Soneira, president of DisplayMate, the world’s leading display and display tuning company, has more than just an opinion. He has a long, well-respected history of scientifically analyzing what separates great displays from good ones. When Soneira talks, I listen.

So when Soneira turned his attention to the latest generation of popular tablets–the Amazon Kindle Fire, Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet, and the Apple iPad 2–I paid attention.

After all, as Soneira writes, “A key element in the success of all Smartphones and Tablets is the quality and performance of their display. There have been lots of articles comparing various smartphone LCD and OLED displays and technologies, but almost all simply deliver imprecise off-the-cuff remarks like “the display is gorgeous” with very little in the way of serious attempts at objective or accurate display performance evaluations and comparisons – and many just restate manufacturer claims and provide inaccurate information, performance evaluations and conclusions.” Soneira objectively evaluates the display performance of the tablet display based on extensive scientific lab measurements together with extensive side-by-side visual tests using DisplayMate Multimedia Edition for Mobile Displays and other tools.

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