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Open-source webOS is dead on arrival


When HP first announced that webOS and Enyo its application framework, would live on as an open-source project I thought it might have a chance to be successful. Now, after listening to HP’s slightly more detailed plans and due consideration, I think webOS is a dead operating system walking. Here’s why

1. Plan? What Plan?

HP hasn’t decided on a license, a governance plan, or even what they’ll do with their existing webOS staff. Does HP CEO Meg Whitman really have any kind of clue as to what the company will be doing with webOS? Simply open-sourcing a project means more than just saying that eventually you’ll dump-ah release-the code to the public. Without commitment, resources, and, oh yes, a plan, webOS will only end up in a technology grave-yard along side Maemo, BeOS, and OS/2.

2. Where’s the hardware?

To avoid an untimely end, webOS needs its own tablet hardware. Sure, hackers will run it on iPads and Android-tablets, but that’s not a viable market. So, where’s the hardware for webOS customers? Whitman has said that “HP could make WebOS-powered tablets in 2013.”

Could? Could!? In 2013!! Come on HP, get with it!

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