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Internet TV Shootout: Apple TV, Roku and Sony Blu-Ray DVD Player


When people talk about Internet TV, I’ve noticed that they usually talk about either Apple TV or Roku. Both are fine devices, but you may be over-looking that are many other ways to get Internet video to your TV. Many of these are still too complicated for general use and others, like Google TV, are still half-baked. But, besides Apple TV and Roku, many Blu-Ray DVD players now come with Internet video built-in. If what you want this holiday season is a Blu-Ray DVD player and Internet streaming, one of these all-in-one players may be just what you need.

So, which one is right for you? Well, here’s what I’ve found in my years of watching Internet TV on my television. These days I use an Apple TV, a Roku 2 HD and a pair of Internet-enabled Sony Blu-Ray players for my TV watching pleasure. Indeed, a few months ago I cut the cord to my cable company and now the only TV I watch comes up either the Internet or from one of my own network media servers.

First, before you buy into any of these, you’re going to need a robust Internet connection. You’ll need at least a 3Mbps DSL Internet connection to make watching Internet video worthwhile. I’ve tried it at slower rates, and you’ll only end up getting ticked off at the crappy video.

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