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Google Chrome Web Browser to get a makeover


Chrome 14 is great, but the forthcoming Chrome 15 looks like it will be even better. This release, which is now in beta, boasts three new tab pages. These will make it easier to get to your Chrome apps, most visited sites, and bookmarks.

Thaw new Chrome 15 tab pages appear in three different sections on the bottom of all Web pages. You can flip between these different sections by clicking the section labels at the bottom of the page or by using the arrows at the side of the page. When you open a new tab, Chrome will default to opening the last tab page you had on.

It’s a simple change, but it’s one I’m already finding very useful. In particular, I appreciate having one click access to my bookmarks. The one change Chrome made to the traditional Web browser that I hadn’t liked was the way it placed bookmarks under the wrench. This made going to a bookmarked site, if it wasn’t one of my top sites, a three-step operation. Now, even without a bookmark bar, I just have to make one click and I’m able to browse my bookmarks. For me, this is a real change for the better.

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