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Google Chrome Web browser kicks rump, takes names


Internet Explorer (IE) 9 is probably the best Web browser Microsoft ever shipped. Unfortunately for Microsoft fans, it’s too little, too late. While Firefox has fallen into the doldrums, Google’s Chrome Web browser is slowly, but surely becoming the most popular Web browser of all.

According to Net Applications, Chrome, which just turned three years old, is now up to 15.5% of the market in August 2011. Internet Explorer market share continued its long decline and hit a new low of 55.3 percent from last month’s 56 percent. Firefox continued its decline as well and hit 22.6 percent. Apple’s Safari browser stayed steady at 4.64 percent. The other Web smaller Web browsers also stayed static.

I strongly suspect that Chrome is going to continue to catch up with IE and Firefox and eventually surpass them both. By year’s end, I think Chrome will pass Firefox. It will take until late 2012 for Chrome to surpass IE, but I can see it happening.

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