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Chromebooks Live!

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I’ll be the first to admit that while I like Chromebooks, I own a Samsung Series 5, Chromebooks also have serious problems. Still, the Chromebook is far from being dead.

My fellow ZDNet writer, Scott Raymond argues that the consolidation of WebKit, and Chromium open-source Web browsers source code trees means the end of a need for Chromebooks–and by extensions other lightweight laptops. Specifically, Raymond argues, “If we had the Chrome browser on an Android tablet, why would we want a Chromebook? For the price of a Chromebook you could pick up an Android tablet with a keyboard that connects via dock or Bluetooth. You would have the same functionality, plus the added capabilities of Android.”

Why would I want a Chromebook? Because, while I like tablets a lot-I currently own and use a first generation iPad and a Nook Color–I also like having a single-unit, lightweight laptop.

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One Comment

  1. great post.

    “… tablets are still devices I use to consume information while laptops are what I use to create information”

    I am curious to know if you think this the reason why the first wave of our tablet cravings died 10+ years ago? – /remember when those nifty ‘lil Windows laptops showed up with the flip around screens and no one bought them and how we all watched them struggle for a market?/

    Is it inherent in us to use handheld devices like tablets for entertainment and laptops and higher for “real work”? I wonder what changes need to happen to make us shift our thinking?


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