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Linus Torvalds would like to see a GNOME fork


Those of us, who’ve known Linus Torvalds over the years, like yours truly, know that Linux’s inventor, Mr. Penguin if you will, is a quiet gentle soul who never raises his voice when something distributes him. Ahem. I lie like a rug. While I have known Torvalds for decades, he’s anything but shy and he never suffers fools gladly. So, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that when Torvalds decided he didn’t like the new version of the GNOME desktop, he didn’t mince any words about it.

It all started in a public Google+ posting by Dave Jones, a Red Hat engineer and one of the maintainers of Fedora Linux, where Jones announced some minor Linux kernel news for a Fedora update. As the discussion continued, Torvalds joined in and remarked, “Could you also fork gnome, and support a gnome-2 environment? I want my sane interfaces back. I have yet to meet anybody who likes the unholy mess that is gnome-3.”

He’s not the only one. I also don’t like GNOME 3 either. I much prefer the last version of GNOME 2.x: GNOME 2.32. It may be “out of date,” but it’s the default desktop for my current favorite desktop Linux: Mint 11.

Why? Well, I’ll let Mr. Torvalds tell you:

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