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Death, Facebook, and Spamware


Did you ever notice that we’re a morbid bunch. No sooner had the brilliant singer Amy Winehouse lose her battle with addiction and died, then a new Facebook spam leak appeared. It purported to advertise, of course, a video of her strung on crack hours before her tragic death.

Excuse me as I throw up.

Graham Cluley, a senior technology consultant at Sophos, the anti-virus and security company, reported that the Winehouse Facebook spamware appeared four hours after her death.

The Facebook spamware appeared with at least five different images and messages. If you clicked on it, you’d end up sending the spam link to all your Facebook friends—and we appreciate it, really we do—and ending up, at this time, at a survey page. After that, there’s no telling what you might get. Some malware on your Windows PC; attempts to trick your mobile phone number out of you so you can be sent $2.00 news calls that you “asked” for; etc. etc.

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