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Don’t Panic! It’s only Linux 3.0


Linux 3.0 is out and the big changes are… ah… well. Not much.

Linus Torvalds, its creator and lead developer had warned us that this would be the case: “So what are the big changes?”

“NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. Sure, we have the usual two thirds driver changes, and a lot of random fixes, but the point is that 3.0 is *just* about renumbering, we are very much *not* doing a KDE-4 or a Gnome-3 here. No breakage, no special scary new features, nothing at all like that. We’ve been doing time-based releases for many years now; this is in no way about features. If you want an excuse for the renumbering, you really should look at the time-based one (”20 years“) instead. So no ABI [application binary interface] changes, no API [application programming interface] changes, no magical new features – just steady plodding progress.”

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