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Big files, Fast Internet? Lion download speeds


My buddy Jason Perlow had a bad day. When he tried to download Mac OS X Lion’s 4GBs, he ran into an hour-and-a-half of online road-block. When the download finally did start though, he was able to download it, thanks to his 100Mbps Verizon Optimum Online Ultra connection in about half-an-hour.

So, which can you expect? An hour and a half of freeze or a relatively fast download? I say “relatively” fast because in a perfect world 4GBs on a 100Mbps connection should take about five minutes. To find out what other people were seeing, I did an informal, totally unscientific survey of my high-tech friends on Google+ and Twitter to see what their experiences were like.

And, the answer, if you’re lucky enough to have a real broadband connection, is: Fast.

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