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Why even bother with accurate information? The Sony and Sega Sagas


Seriously. What kind of joke is this? On Sunday, Sega announced that 1.3 million of its users had had their information stolen. Before that it was Sony losing millions of customers information. It’s getting to the point that when I look at the headlines I almost go “Oh another million users have had their information stolen. Yawn. I wonder how the Colorado Rockies did last night?”

What is wrong with this picture!? I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my information stolen every time I login into a major network.

But what can I do? As a writer I can point out just how crappy Sega and Sony’s security is, but I think they’ve got the message by now.

Maybe what I can do–and you as someone who just wants to play a game–can do, is to start using bogus information on these services.

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