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Strangeloop offers the first Google SPDY Web-site acceleration product


Do you want a really fast Web site? I mean really fast? Then there’s a variety of proxies, Web caching and secure-socket layer (SSL) accelerators you can try. If that’s still not enough, it’s time for you to look into Strangeloop’s implementation of Google’s SPDY into its Site Optimizer product line.

SPDY, pronounced “speedy,”is an experimental replacement protocol for HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol). SPDY works by compressing both the data and HTTP header information n the stream between a Web browsers and Web servers that support it. It also speeds Web sites up by prioritizing data requests. That way the important data, say a video stream, gets priority over JavaScript. In practice, I’ve seen performance boosts of up to 15%.

To do this you need a browser that supports SPDY, like Chrome or a computer that comes with SPDY built in, such as the Samsung Chromebook.

That’s the easy part. The hard part was getting SPDY supported on the Web server side. There’s been some experimental code you could use, but nothing you could really put with confidence on a production site. That’s where Strangeloop comes in.

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